making the move

The short version: I’m moving to Africa.

The long version: After much thought, prayer, and anticipation, I sent in my application to serve long-term with New Hope Uganda. And recently, things became official! I will be joining the staff at Kasana Children’s Centre as an art teacher in the primary school. I have made an initial 2.5 year commitment. There’s a brief summary posted under FAQ.

So, what next?

I have a long way to go in terms of fundraising, and the clock is already ticking (I’ll post my official departure dates as soon as those are finalized, but know that they’re not terribly far off!). Please pray for me as I begin making preparations and raising funds!

I’ve already posted basic donation information on the new Support Beth page of this blog, and I’ll be posting more details shortly. For now, know that I am absolutely thrilled to begin this new phase of life, and I look forward to including all of you in the adventure!

Feel free to ask any questions via the comments section of this blog, or shoot me an email at

3 thoughts on “making the move

  1. That is so awesome Beth! Do you have a newsletter or is this blog going to be the best way to keep up with prayer requests?

    I’ve got you on my prayer board.

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