Hello friends!

I’m Beth. I’m short, I love a good French press, and Jesus fills me up & makes me smile!

We’re all on a unique journey, and I like to think of mine as a pilgrimage (as per Psalm 84:5). That makes me a simple pilgrim—putting one foot in front of the other as I navigate the life I’ve been given.

My pilgrimage has carried me overseas, where I served as a missionary in East Africa and my heart felt absolutely alive. It also brought me back to America again, this time with a best friend who would soon become my husband. We were engaged in North England and married in the middle of Texas, and now our missionary work looks more like serving our small-town church community where Cameron works as both youth & worship pastor.

In October 2017 we welcomed our baby girl Shiloh Grace, and I have been immensely blessed to call mothering and homemaking my full-time job. In between diapers and baby snuggles, I create on Etsy and write on this blog, where I hope to share simple thoughts from my simple pilgrimage.

My prayer is that you come away refreshed, encouraged, and blessed. Thank you for joining me!

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