don’t cry over spilled milk

Let’s talk about milk. Now, I appreciate milk. Milk and cereal. Milk in delicious cakes and goodies. Milk in pudding. Milk and cookies. Mmm, so many wonderful combinations. In the States, our milk came pasteurized from the store. Here, the milk you find in stores is the kind that can sit on a shelf unrefrigerated… Read More

this is the way we art

This past week has seen some fun changes for me and my life at Kasana. A week ago, I packed my bags, said goodbye to the Britton family who had graciously kept me fed and housed since I arrived, and moved across the road to New Hope’s secondary site. Here, I’ve moved into a cozy… Read More

in the shadows & the spotlight

Serving in this place is easy. Here, the needs of this hungry nation are often more tangible, and the service more visible. There is a heightened awareness of those who live among the poor, the hungry, and the orphaned in a foreign setting—it’s romantic in the classic sense. Different from the commonplace. More exciting, perhaps,… Read More

it’s midterm week!

I’m still not completely sure how this term is already halfway over, but students at both Primary and Secondary are busy this week with their midterm exams. For me, that means a quieter week than usual, since all but one of my classes are happening during exam periods. So thanks to extra free time, the… Read More