2017: year in review

December 31st, 2017! Moments ago, we ran outside in freezing temperatures catching big Texas snowflakes in our hair while Shiloh snuggled comfortably with her Nona indoors, reveling in the joy of a rare Southern occurrence as we usher in a bright new year. And what a full collection of days and weeks and months we’re… Read More

when we can’t save

It’s been more than three months now since we got the call. Precious H, one of our youth group kids, had been struggling for some time. Just the week before we’d made the trek to San Antonio to visit her at a behavioral health center. I naively assumed that this was a successful intervention—she was… Read More


Once a week, I have a special time set aside for a special young friend. She arrives at my house, we hug, exchange greetings, and find a place to sit down. Sometimes we settle at the dining room table, sometimes the couch, sometimes a mat spread outside under the big tree. Some days there’s plenty… Read More