shifting: thoughts on re-entry

Linking up this week at Velvet Ashes {The Grove}, where this week’s conversation centers on re-entry. — At Kasana, there is plenty of moving. People come and go; foreign staff leave and return from furlough; houses are built and their occupants are shuffled to various locations at various times. In the Ugandan English of this… Read More


The past few weeks have held departures and arrivals, goodbyes and hellos, painful emotions and joyful ones…all of it culminating here. Here, where I sit at my dining room table surrounded by a vase of gorgeous flowers and a handful of scattered thoughts and a jar of delicious Nutella (not pictured). There are far worse… Read More

“may Christ in our marrow carry us home…”

Happy New Year, friends! For the past five weeks, I have been home. And for the past five weeks, I have been away from home. “Home” itself seems to be such a fluid concept these days, more difficult to define as its boundaries extend. For awhile, I went home to a cozy little dorm room,… Read More

six months & miracle beads

A few days ago marked six months since I arrived in Uganda this year. In some ways, that number feels accurate—small-town Texas life and plentiful Starbucks and “fitting in” to a sea of faces seems very removed. In other ways, it doesn’t seem like half a year at all. Wasn’t it just recently that I… Read More