art class overseas: klimt on takeout lids

One of the frustrating exciting challenges of teaching art in the bush is the ever-present problem of supplies (or the lack thereof). Some days, all I want is a nearby and easily-accessible Hobby Lobby. But some days, there’s a certain excitement about “making do” with what’s on hand. For example, not too many weeks back… Read More

the God who keeps his promises

This is the stunning rainbow that appeared after Wizeye’s burial. Another reminder of hope and promise. (Photo credit.) Jesus promised to take Wizeye home. He’s promised all of us, of course. All of us, his children. But Wizeye is a child of God whose physical body, although young, had serious problems. My first meeting with… Read More

art class overseas: mixed media fun

Since beginning this art-teacher adventure of mine, I’ve done a fair bit of searching for good art teacher reference blogs. Turns out there’s plenty of good ones out there, but very few that translate well to my overseas situation. (If you know of any overseas art teacher blogs, let me know!) In the meantime, however,… Read More


Once a week, I have a special time set aside for a special young friend. She arrives at my house, we hug, exchange greetings, and find a place to sit down. Sometimes we settle at the dining room table, sometimes the couch, sometimes a mat spread outside under the big tree. Some days there’s plenty… Read More