“I will be your interpreter”

In my P2 (1st grade) class on Friday, the class teacher (and my translator) walked out as I walked in. So there I was, standing in front of twenty-five kids with somewhat limited English. I decided to begin the lesson anyway, and attempted to speak slowly and simply as I explained the day’s project. Twenty-five… Read More

fall in the air

(This post was written earlier in the month and has been sitting in my drafts folder. I’m digging it out today in hopes of encouraging some more fall-like weather—this past week has been hot!) – – – Today feels like fall. Yesterday, a thunderstorm pelted us with nearly twelve straight hours of hard rain. The… Read More

it’s a banda-painting, boda-riding, snake-sighting sort of week

Last weekend, I headed over to the David Family compound on Saturday morning. Each of New Hope’s family group has a communal eating hut, or “banda,” and ours was due for a paint job! A visiting team had laid down the base color earlier in the month, but now we were ready for some decorating.… Read More

okusoma luganda

Let me be upfront here: I have never been good with languages outside of English. I tried to learn Spanish in high school…but I’m pretty sure the only thing I got out of that was the ability to start basic conversations, ask for the bathroom, and talk about dogs singing in towers. (Thank you, ridiculous… Read More